Give the gift that keeps on giving

Ultimate ChristmasWish ListClick for a larger versionThis year, instead of sending traditional cards, make a donation to help improve Australia’s dental and oral health.

To thank you, we’ll send you an eCard of your choice, with your company name and logo, to share with your colleagues and friends.

Your donation will help to fund projects that will:

  • Improve access to oral health care for children with cardiac conditions
  • Improve our ability to detect oral cancer in the early stages, as well as identify patients at high risk
  • Improve the clinical outcomes of patients receiving implant treatment from private dental practitioners with access to a novel online data sharing platform
  • Increase the understanding and delivery of coordinated care for patients
  • AND so much more!

There’s no better gift than that!

Best of all, 100% of your donation supports the work of the eviDent Foundation, and is tax deductible.

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