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Did you know that almost 75% of people receive at least one unwanted gift for Christmas?!

By gifting a donation to the eviDent Foundation, you are choosing something that won’t go to waste, as 100% of your tax-deductible donation supports eviDent’s work.

Share your passion for improving Australia’s dental and oral health, and we’ll send you a personalised eCard to share with your colleagues.

Choose one of the following cards: 

1. This year we've chosen a gift we know you will appreciate


A gift you will appreciate

2. Have a sparkling holiday!


 Have a sparkling holiday

3. Ohhh Dentis-Tree


Ohhh Dentis Tree 1

4. Have yourself a sparkly little Christmas


Have a sparkly little Christmas

5. Tis the season for happy smiles!


Tis the Season


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