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Body dysmorphic disorder in prosthodontics study

Do you want to manage patients’ cosmetic concerns and align expectations?

The aim of the BDD study (Body dysmorphic disorder in prosthodontics – A practice-based study) is to investigate patients’ cosmetic concerns and expectations, and therefore better identify their treatment needs and if they are likely to be satisfied by means of prosthodontic treatment (treatment of the teeth with crowns, veneers, bridges, implants and prostheses). This approach has proved helpful in other health areas like cosmetic surgery or dermatology.

Who can participate?

  • Practising general dentists or prosthodontists; and/or
  • General dentists who have an interest in cosmetic dentistry or prosthodontics.

What will you be asked to do?

  • Ask your patients who meet the inclusion criteria (over 18 years of age and speak English) if they would be willing to participate in the study by completing a questionnaire (Test Medical History Form with a Self-Perception questionnaire) before treatment starts. Some of the questions will be about how the patient feels about his/her body image. It is possible that some questions may lead the patient to experience some emotional discomfort (debriefing and counselling are available if this occurs).
  • Complete a Baseline Rating Clinician Form when first meeting the patient. This form has five items about how you rate the patients’ concerns and expectations, and should take approximately five minutes to answer.
  • Attend an information night to receive more information about BDD and the study.

Why should you participate?

  • Patients with symptoms of BDD are more likely to undergo cosmetic procedures and are more likely to be dissatisfied with the outcome and pursue further treatment.
  • Identifying these patients and recognising their expectations could lead to better treatment outcomes and less future litigation.

How do you participate?

Please contact Dr Carolina Perez Rodriguez on 03 9035 8402 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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