How dental practices can support eviDent

eviDent is grateful for the collaborative relationship it has with many dental practices. As well as participating directly in our research through the Dental Practice Based Research Network there are other ways your practice can support eviDent’s work.

Practice donation: Simply making a practice donation is just one way, which would enable the practice to receive a tax deduction, would support a positive corporate social responsibility position for the practice and would make a big difference to our research.

Take a table at Fundraising Dinner : Taking a table at the Fundraising Dinner in August 2018 would be a great way to support eviDent (and you get to have a great night too!)

Sponsorship opportunities: There are various sponsorship opportunities with our events or through specific research programs, which would position your company’s brand in front of large numbers of oral and dental health professionals.

Employee engagement: Your practice could support eviDent by promoting our events and activities to your employees to give them an opportunity to take part and get involved. You could help recruit participants in eviDent`s Great Ocean Road Walk or other challenge events to raise funds, or take a table at the Fundraising Dinner  in August 2018.

Clients / patients: You could have a poster and leaflets promoting the work of eviDent so that your clients or patients can be made aware about our work.