011 – OHPs’ knowledge and beliefs about the potential causes of oral cancer

  • Chief Investigator A: A/Prof Rodrigo Mariño
  • Chief Investigator B: Prof Mike Morgan
  • Chief Investigator C: Prof Michael McCullough
  • Chief Investigator D: Dr Denise Bailey
  • Chief Investigator E: Dr Satoru Haresaku
  • Chief Investigator F: Roisin McGrath
  • Associate Investigator: Dr Ross Musolino
  • Support: Dentsply


Tobacco and alcohol consumption are the most common risk factors for oral cancer. Oral health practitioners should understand that a thorough oral screening examination for malignant and potentially malignant lesions is a necessary part of their routine clinical assessment for all patients.


The project aimed to assess oral health practitioners’ (OHPs):

  • Ability to distinguish between risk and non-risk factors for oral cancer
  • Oral cancer screening practices
  • Level of confidence in providing oral cancer-health related promotion advice


The project found:

  • There is a need for additional education and professional training for oral health professionals
  • Further training in oral cancer screening practice and patient advice-giving will be an important step in improving prevention and early detection of oral cancers