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eviDent Adventurers Reach the Peak for Vital Research

Rain, hail, thunder, lightning, wind, snow, river crossings, leeches, snakes, dodgy knees and a chest infection…the eviDent Australian Alpine Walking Track Challenge was gruelling, but incredibly rewarding!

On 28 October, seven eviDent Charity Challenge Trekkers stepped out of the warm bus at Loch car park at Mt Hotham, wondering what they had gotten themselves into, as they shivered and scrambled to put on hats, gloves and jackets. Five of the seven were about to walk 87km of the Australian Alpine Walking Track in 4 days, whilst the remaining two would pick up three others and continue on to walk a total of 230km in 10 days – that’s the equivalent of walking up and down Eureka Tower 34 times for the four day trekkers, while the 10 day trekkers did it the equivalent of 92 times!

Their inspiring efforts have so far raised over $40,000 to help fund vital research through eviDent’s Dental Practice Based Research Network. eviDent aims to improve the oral and dental health of Australians through clinical research and we have a range of exciting research projects underway. The money raised by our eviDent trekkers supports eviDent’s important research.

One current project involves the assessment of a simple test that can diagnose early oral cancer, the 8th most common cancer in the world which kills 50% of those who acquire it.

Other areas of research include preventive dental interventions for children with heart disease, an innovative approach for identifying type 2 diabetes in the dental clinic and children most vulnerable to dental disease. It was an incredible trek; a wonderful group of trekkers, motivated to survive the rigours of considerable distance to raise money for such a worthy cause.

We could not have asked for a better bunch of trekkers doing their utmost to raise vital funds for the eviDent Foundation. Try to imagine dodgy knees, infected toes, chest infections, blisters, the rapid approach towards hypothermia on a day of constant rain, plague-proportion of leeches (possibly a slight exaggeration) that had to be burnt or flicked off when full, snakes, numerous unexpected river and creek crossings, an unfathomable number of trees across the track that had to be climbed over or under and one too many freeze-dried meals for dinner. It was a great testament to good humour, gutsy determination and a belief that Dr Sternson was right when he insisted that it was ‘just 50 metres…’ despite the incline looking impossible toward the end of very long days.

Those whom we met along the way were so inspired by the efforts of our trekkers, knowing the enormity of the challenge first hand, and even more impressed that it was all for charity! On completing the trek, the sense of accomplishment was paramount. The eviDent Foundation Alpine Walking Track Charity Challenge was tough and a significant challenge for everyone. With your support, our trekkers have achieved great heights! Thank you to those who cheered them on and helped to raise vital funds for the eviDent Foundation. It’s not too late, you can still show your support by donating to the team at: