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Help shape an innovative approach for identifying diabetes and pre-diabetes

Diabetes is increasing at a faster rate than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer in Australia. Despite this, little is known about the management of patients with diabetes, undiagnosed diabetes/pre-diabetes or those at risk of diabetes in the oral healthcare setting. The critical issue is early diagnosis to engage patients in appropriate management.

eviDent Foundation is facilitating a project to:

  • Understand dentist knowledge, attitude and practices towards treating patient with diabetes
  • Explore screening for type 2 diabetes in dental setting using the diabetic risk calculator (AUSDRISK)
  • Evaluate the overall economic justification of screening for diabetes and prediabetes using AUSDRISK among high-risk individuals in the dental setting  

If you are a practising dentist we invite you to complete a short online survey to help our eviDent supported research team.

Learn more about the Dentists detecting diabetes project.