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Member eligibility

Chief Investigators are eviDent members who provide ‘the intellectual, administrative and ethical leadership' to an eviDent research project or program.

A minimum of one and maximum of six Chief Investigators will be assigned to each research project.

‘Chief Investigator A’  has overall responsibility for the management of the research project, as per the University of Melbourne’s ‘Chief Investigator’s Responsibilities’ listed at ‘Chief Investigators B-F’ are Co-Chief Investigators.

It is essential that each eviDent project team is adequately supervised and supported; therefore, Chief Investigators must be full- or part-time academic staff members, experienced in clinical research and competent to undertake and lead a research project.

Membership is free.


  • A chance to help shape the first dental practice based research network in Australia
  • An opportunity to participate in the translation of oral health research into evidence based daily practice by dentists
  • A chance to share research findings via peer learning, seminars, workshops, conference presentations and publications
  • Publicity highlighting that clinical research can lead to new findings to improve patient care and make a practice more successful
  • Access to general dental practitioners’ expertise and practice base
  • Be kept informed about research projects

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