Research Affiliate Membership Form

eviDent Research Affiliates include retired dental professionals, practice managers, dental hygienists, dental therapists, dental prosthetists, oral health therapists, dental assistants and others who do not want ‘hands-on’ involvement with an eviDent project, but would like to contribute to eviDent research.

eviDent Research Affiliates voluntarily respond to eviDent surveys and participate in retrospective studies by allowing members of eviDent project teams to attend their practice and collect relevant data.

Membership details

  • Membership is free
  • Confidentiality is maintained as data collected will be kept only on the eviDent database and will not be distributed to other organisations without permission


  • Opportunity for involvement in research, without being ‘hands-on’
  • Regular e-bulletins and invitations to attend professional networking events
  • Access to project information and results
  • Access to a ‘members’ only’ section of the eviDent website
  • Opportunity to bring research findings into effect more rapidly
  • Opportunity to influence policy
  • Continuing professional development opportunities
  • Opportunity to suggest and develop research projects

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